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We are happy to announce our collaboration with ViaSYST
ViaSyst supplies leading software solutions for managing audit performance.

#AlexanderPisani, managing director at #ScandinavianCertifiation AS says “#ViaSyst is developed with explicit knowledge of audit #management and the requirements that regulates accredited services. Both parties have small and efficient organizations focusing on customer needs and how to satisfy them and collaborates very good. We are looking forward to harvest all the opportunities the ViaSyst #software identifies, and further increase the quality of our services”

#HaraldSchjølberg, technical manager at Scandinavian Certification AS says “ViaSyst was one of several possible suppliers and solutions we evaluated. We found that the software, and the very important dialogue, was so good, that in the end the choice was easy. ViaSyst flexibility makes it easy to adopt to suit our operations (vs. adopting #processes to support the software). This makes it possible to retain our organisational and operational strengths while improving our overall performance. Excellent support from ViaSyst, software logic and good user interfaces reduces the need for timely training of staff and have made it possible to have a timeline from contract to go-live in 6 weeks.

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